Credits to Marlou Hensen

Anne Nobels (1993, Port Shepstone, South-Africa)

Hi, thank you for your curiosity! I’m Anne and I live / work in a secluded and very quiet part of the Netherlands called Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. In February 2016 I graduated from the Fontys College for the Arts in Tilburg. I went there thinking I would become a painter, but my teachers thought otherwise… My final work was a photo series. I’m happy they pushed me in the direction of photography, it has the perfect combination of technique and emotion for me. Ad Photoshop to the mix and anything is possible.

photography has the perfect combination of technique and emotion

I still love to paint and draw, but nearly exclusively do it for teaching purposes these days. Maybe it will find a way into my photography for a future project.
If you would like to know more about my art and the reasons why I create, than click here.

7 years of teaching experience

sparking curiosity and wonder

For the last seven years I have also been teaching photography, Photoshop, (digital) drawing and painting, and the basics of animation, to kids, teens and adults. I love sharing my passion for the arts. Curiosity and wonder play an important role in keeping the mind young and happy and I hope to spark a little of both within my studentes.

personal life

And with the risk of oversharing, some personal details.

I felt very connected to South-Africa growing up

I was born in South-Africa, but my parents moved back to the Netherlands around the time I turned one. So I only know it from the pictures and endless stories my parents told me, but it had a big impact non the less. I felt very connected to South-Africa growing up: singing and dancing along with my parents African music cd’s, my favourite stuffed animal was a rhino, I would tell everybody how would listen my African name ‘Thandi’. And offcourse I was obsessed with ‘The Lion King’. There is still a curiosity, but because of my panic attacks I do not dare to go there.

When I was little I would draw a lot alongside my dad, we would make cards from these drawings and sell them at markets for fun. My had to stop working because of his cronic illness. Luckely he was very creative. With my first self earned money from selling cards I bought a cockatiel, which I named Kiki. I was seven at the time. The image below was taken 17 years later, Kiki is now retired and living his best life with my grandmother for companionship.

In high school my favourite topics where math, chemistry and biology

Growing up I wanted to become a fashion designer, an illustrator, a national geographic photographer, or maybe a stylist. But when I got older this seemed too far fetched. As I started high school my favourite topics where math, chemistry and biology. Nothing creative. I thought of becoming a scientist or a math teacher… I married an engineer, that is as close as I have come. But my rational brain didn’t think I could make enough money to support myself. Still I would spend all my spare time drawing, painting, and taking photographs. My passion for the arts was bigger than my love for the sciences, so on I went to the Art Academy. In addition I got my bachelor’s degree in education to sooth my rational side.

I got my bachelor’s degree in education to sooth my rational side

At the academy I learned a lot, for example, starting and maintaining a creative process, new techniques, presenting my work. And how to cook and take care of myself, because I lived on my own for the first time. The biggest lesson though was something different. I moved to a big city, 3 and a half hours away from my parents by public transport. But all the shops were close, I could walk to school in under 4 minutes, there were nice bars and a big park just a street away and always people to hang out with. You’d find me at the movies or at the museum of modern arts. Or at the McDonalds for a McFlurry… And working extra hours at the academy in one of the studio’s offcourse. But once a small town girl always a small town girl. I couldn’t wait to move back to Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.

And that’s where I landed, with my college boyfriend, now husband, and our 3 cats. In a beautiful self renovated home which has a nice studio for me and a garage for my husbands hobby (classic cars).

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