Maximum Capacity Exceeded

It’s a hectic world we live in. Many people seem to have less and less concentration, including myself. Information needs to be fast, long texts are avoided and images embraced but hardly looked at for more than second. Before we’ve even left our house to go to work or school we have processed so much new information just by looking at our phone or computer, it’s a wonder there is even space for even more. I’m starting to feel like my capacity is filling up faster en faster and the need to get some quiet is growing every day.
Are we ever even bored anymore? It’s good to be bored, when people are bored their mind frees up. It then has time to proces and form new ideas, maybe that’s why people come up with their best ideas under the shower.

Fog has this amazing ability to transform everyday locations into mystic scenes. It can give you the feeling of being completely alone on the world in places where there is actually a lot of human activity around. That is why I took photographs when it was foggy; it gives you an escape without having to go far. Out of sight, out of mind.